About Us

The Clay Company is a full service Government and Community Relations firm. Originally founded in 1986 as Carpi & Clay, The Clay Company expertise includes Lobbying, Land Entitlement, Public-Private Partnerships, Health and Human Services, Community Outreach and Engagement, Crisis Strategy, and Litigation Support. We have a proven track-record of success working with the private sector to navigate the many government and quasi-governmental agencies throughout the San Diego region. Our team brings decades of professional experience, along with innovative and targeted strategies, to achieve client goals while respecting time and resources.

Our Philosophy

The Clay Company investment in our clients’ success includes our personal and professional reputations and integrity. Professional ethics, and commitment to the best interests of our clients and San Diego, have enabled us to work effectively across party lines, in rapidly changing and sometimes controversial situations, for nearly 30 years.

As lifelong San Diegans, we live, work, and raise our families here – and we have built trusted business, civic and community relationships that are the foundation of our practice. We add value by complementing and enhancing each client’s internal capabilities with our contacts, detailed knowledge of government processes and practices, and targeted communications. Our clients save critical time and valuable resources by leveraging our consulting expertise and relationships to maximize results and achieve objectives faster.

Our Approach

Each client is our only client … and our favorite. We are effective because we learn who our clients are, how they communicate, make decisions, and define success. Understanding that every client is different, we create a game plan focused on individual needs, and then constantly assess strategies as situations evolve.

We work around the clock to help navigate the ever-changing political and business landscape in San Diego. If you are worried about an issue on Saturday morning, we want to know. Let’s get ahead of the concern, start thinking about the solution together, and be well ahead of the problem by Monday morning. We engage rapidly to provide immediate counsel and implement action plans for short-term issues while looking out for the client’s long-term objectives and positioning. It is our commitment to respect the confidential and sensitive nature of client communications, objectives and timing.

Our Work

Whether you are building a hospital or trying to secure that big contract, The Clay Company will complement and enhance your internal capabilities and support your success on multiple levels. Here’s how we add value:

  • Guide you through the multi-agency entitlement or approval process
  • Build your company’s profile through active community engagement
  • Craft your internal and external messaging
  • Provide outreach and communication with elected officials, neighborhood groups, and interested stakeholders
  • Help build a strong team of consultants to advance your goals and objectives
  • Prepare for board meetings, council meetings, or community town halls
  • Community assessments and research to gain candid feedback
  • Business development and procurement strategy for government partnerships
  • Crisis strategy and communications
  • Litigation support